I have made a regular Tumblr.

Anyone wants to follow me?


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BUT I also wanted to say thank you to everyone :) You have all been so lovely and kind and I really can’t thank you enough!! Stay sweet the lot of you x

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It is official. I am over the game.  I am unsure how long this will last but I am in the process of removing the game and backing up everything.  Do whatever you want with my downloads.  You can follow me on instagram roshi82 or message me. I wont delete this account and will probably check messages every now and then. Sorry x

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Yup so I am a bit over the sims atm…and fully obsessed with obtaining gta V now I need to save for a ps3! wootttttt

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Hello lovelies. I really wish I could say I had something new to post.but I don’t.  I haven’t opened my game since the previous crash and have really been too lazy to find the corrupt cc that probably is doing it. Or reinstall the game. It’s all too much. Lazy lazy lazy.  So here is a crappy picture made with picmonkey because its the easiest way to do this kinda shit.  i love you all. I still lurk and feel bad because I haven’t overdosed on love like I normally do :(((( Please don’t hate me!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxox

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The best thing I’ve seen on the internet today.

Yup totally not enjoying the game…I had a crash, something I haven’t had for a while and just taking lookbook picture.

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Okay so I am trying to age my child up. Birthday cake…she blows the shit out of it then does the woohoo im ageing up then goes off and does some other shit. I’ve tried testingcheatsblahbhahhhahah ageing transition and nothing and then I’ve tried to EDIT in cas and the screen just lloads loads….is my game fucked?

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